Airline Baptist Church Henderson, KY
Monday, June 25, 2018
Where Everybody is Somebody

Airline Baptist Church
1942 Clay Street
Henderson, KY 42420
Phone: 270-826-3978
Fax: 270-827-3020
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Dr. Nathan Whisnant - Pastor 
Pastor's Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
8 am - 11 am
Church Office Hours
Monday - Friday 
9 am - 12 noon & 1 pm - 4 pm
Secretary - Kathleen Daly


Week of June 24-30, 2018
Sunday:            9:30 A.M. Sunday School
                       10:45 A.M. Morning Worship
                         5:00 P.M. Choir
                                        Children Discipleship
                                        Youth Discipleship

                         6:00 P.M.  Evening Worship                   

Tuesday:          10:00 A.M. Ladies’ Bible Study

                        11:30 A.M. Lunch World Changers

                          5:00 P.M.  Children @ Colonial Asst. Living

Wednesday:      11:30 A.M. Lunch World Changers

                          6:30 P.M.  Youth Bible Study

                                          Adult Bible Study

Thursday:         11:30 A.M.  Lunch World Changers


                    Youth – Leaving for Camp

Friday:              11:30 A.M.  Lunch World Changers


Imagine Not As Much

The Spring 2018 Imagine Not as Much Group

lost a total of 167.9 pounds.


Imagine Not as Much Walking Club

Monday – 6:30pm meet at Library
Tuesday – 7:30pm meet at Church
Wednesday – 7:30pm meet at Church
Thursday – 6:30pm meet at the Library
Friday – 6:30pm meet at the Library
Saturday – 6:30pm meet at the Library

If inclement weather meet at the Church. 

Ask Pastor Nathan how he lost weight in 2013, and has maintained his weight ever since through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by using Imagine Not as Much.
New classes start February 6-April 24 @ 6:30pm. 
Classes are open to all who have a desire to lose weight.
Call the church now to register for the class at
and join others enjoying effective, permanent weight loss!
                                  Before                                     After