Airline Baptist Church Henderson, KY
Sunday, July 21, 2019
Where Everybody is Somebody

Order of Worship

July 21, 2019
Morning Worship

Call to Worship           Praise Him!  Praise Him!


Scripture Reading                             Psalm 54:4


Deacon Prayer                                            Andy Druin


Time of Praise              Ring the Bells of Heaven

                                     Face to Face with Christ, My Savior



Time of Praise                          Revive Us Again                                                            You Are My All in All



Worship Through Tithes and Offerings  Nehemiah 12:43-44


Special Music Karen Goldsberry, Lyndal & Peggy Riggs


Worship Through Message               Bro. Donald Berry


Invitation                     Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart

Welcome and Announcements


Time of Praise                                   At the Cross

         He Knows My Name

                                                        Find Us Faithful


Worship Through Tithes and Offerings


Worship Through Message               Bro. Donald Berry


Invitation                                    Jesus Is Tenderly Calling



Prayer & Dismissal


Deacon - Led Service