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Monday, June 25, 2018
Where Everybody is Somebody

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Pastor Nathan & Tammy Whisnant

Pastor Nathan’s Notes



        Prayer comprises the first way to reach outward for growth in our Sunday school classes. Some might say that seems elementary. Everyone knows that you have to pray in order for God to bless! Yes that's true, but Darryl Wilson encourages us to engage in five focused prayers.
      First, pray for the people group assignment for your class. This includes the age group you are best at reaching, or the people who would feel most comfortable in your class. We reach best those with whom we identify: similar ages or interests. If you have a multidimensional class, that just means you get to pray for more people!
     Second, pray individually and as a class. Spend time in prayer apart from class alone, and spend time during the class praying for the group. Third, Pray for at least three lost, unenrolled people by name. Each person makes their own list of names to pray for every week.
     Fourth, pray for listing prospects, reaching out in care, and enrolling new members. When we specifically pray for listing prospects, God has a way of putting more people on our minds to invite for Sunday school. When we specifically pray for reaching out in care, God has a way of making opportunities for us to show the love of Jesus to prospects. And when we specifically pray for enrolling new members, God has a way of bringing people into our pathways of life to enroll.
     Fifth, pray for salvation. Darryl Wilson shared a great story of a 10 year old boys Sunday school class in Oklahoma who created a top-ten poster in their classroom. They listed the top ten boys they wanted to see get saved, and began praying for them every week. The boys made lists in their own handwriting from off the poster to take with them throughout the week. Every time a boy would get saved, they made a ceremony of that newly-saved person taking their name off the list, and then helping the class come up with another name to replace it. Guess what happened? 10 year old boys started getting saved on a regular basis, and an excitement grew throughout the church of the power of prayer!
     So, if you want to reach outward in your Sunday school class, lead the people to pray consistently, fervently, and expectantly for God to move. Why? Because, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16b).
Pastor Nathan Whisnant