Airline Baptist Church Henderson, KY
Saturday, December 14, 2019
Where Everybody is Somebody

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Pastor Nathan & Tammy Whisnant

Pastor Nathan’s Notes

   To reach outward in Sunday school, we have already learned that we need to pray, develop a prospect care list, and plan

fellowships and projects. Two more things include making regular caring contacts with prospects, and adding new members to the care list.
     Making regular caring contacts can seem daunting, but a person can actually do so with ease. Begin by praying for them by name before you make contact. Then contact them via the device you feel most comfortable using; your phone, your computer, a card, or a visit. For best results, use all four (but not in one week)! Spread out the kinds of contact you make over several weeks.
     When you contact the prospect introduce yourself and the class you represent. If they have offered a previous prayer request, follow-up with that. If they have attended a recent fellowship or project, thank them for participating. If they have attended the class in the last couple of Sundays, ask them their impressions. You can share about studying for an upcoming lesson that has particularly impacted your life. You can ask for further prayer requests, followed by praying for them. On Sunday, report to the class any non-confidential results.
     We add new members to the care list because many people do not understand what belonging to a Sunday school class means. It means more than studying the lesson, attending the class, and participating in the discussion. For prospects, a Sunday school class should also mean a group of people they have found who cares about them.
     We communicate this caring to prospects when we ask if we can add them to our Sunday school care list. By giving permission for their name to appear on this list, it also entitles them to become part of the prayer list, the fellowship/project contact list, and the ministry list. By praying for prospects we get to see God at work in their lives. By inviting them to fellowships/projects we get to build relationships with them. And by finding ways to minister to them in their times of need, we get to communicate to them that we love them in the name of Jesus Christ.
     Setting a God-sized goal for new class members will materialize as the last thing to adding new members to the care list. Set a goal that will challenge your class, but not so large that it will discourage them. Then, watch what God does as you continue to reach outward in growing your Sunday school class!
                                                                                                                                                               Pastor Nathan Whisnant