Airline Baptist Church Henderson, KY
Monday, October 14, 2019
Where Everybody is Somebody

Order of Worship

October 13, 2019
Morning Worship

Call to Worship                                                         Send the Light

Scripture Reading                                                Psalm 14:1-3


Deacon Prayer                                                    Andy Druin

Time of Praise                                          You Are My King

                                                                Crown Him With Many Crowns


Time of Praise                                        Heaven Came Down                                                                          More Precious Than Silver



Worship Through Tithes and Offerings          Nehemiah 13:11-12

Adult Choir Special                                        “Beyond the Cross”


Worship Through Message                  Bro. Nathan Whisnant

             “Messianic Blessings, Exhortations, and Assurances”

                                         Isaiah 55:1-13



Invitation                                                        Lord, Here Am I


Evening Worship Service

Door to Door Visitation


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